Welcome to the Reptile Guy

The Reptile Guy offers a wide variety of presentations and displays. Our rescue and adoption program also now fully operational helping to rescue, rehabilitate and re home all kinds of reptiles, amphibians and arachnids.

Meet Mike, The Reptile Guy

The Reptile Guy, Mike Hopcraft, has been fascinated with reptiles ever since his very first pet lizard in Grade 5. Since that early age, he learned all there is to know about odd and exotic animals, expanding his collection and rescuing unwanted or mistreated reptiles in hopes of finding them all loving homes. "I love reptiles; they are my life."

The Reptile Guy supports the rescue program by delivering on educational presentations at schools, malls, expos, birthday parties and can customize a unique display for any event.


Latest Reptile News

Oliver Community Center
October 31st from 6-8pm

Fear Factor

Cherry Lane Shopping Center
October 27th/28th

Reptile Feeder Supplies
Reptile Rations

NEW!!! Reptile Rations is a complete reptile feed supply company. We have Rats, Superworms and mealworms to start with more items coming...