Rescued Reptiles in The Reptile Guy's Presentation

These are some of the many reptiles, amphibians and arachnids that are now available for school presentations, birthday parties and any other type of presentations you can think of!

The Reptile Guy's Presentation of Rescued Reptiles

The Reptile Guy’s now has over 50 reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, insects and mammals in his care. Most of these critters are rescues or surrenders that need special care.

You can help provide for the care and feeding of any of these animals with our new Sponsor A Reptile program. Through our new sponsorship program, we will be able to continue helping save the lives of countless lives as well as continue our educational programs helping to teach people about the proper care or these misunderstood creatures.

Corporate sponsorship will receive the option of having a link to a business website under the sponsored animal as well.

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Most Of The Reptile Guy's Presentation Rescued Reptiles


Rescued Coral Albino Boa

Thank you to Kristin Helliwell of Pickering Ontario for sponsoring our NEW Coral Albino Boa. She was surrendered to the rescue with another boa after her owner could no longer afford to care for her. As you can see, she is missing her right eye. This may have been a birth defect that is common in albinos but there is no way of knowing for sure. She is a very friendly boa and is now part of the education program.

Rescued Boa

This big Boa was given to me by a friend after learning that my big presentation boa had passed away. He is a great addition to the program!

Rescued Boa

This Boa was actually flown over to me by Broken Promises Rescue after being found on a Victoria golf course! Thank you to Broken promises for taking such good care of him while in your care :)

Coastal Carpet Python

This Coastal Carpet Python is a bit nippy but make for an entertaining part of the presentation. Luckily, he is small and his bite doesn't really hurt much. Hopefully, with a little more work, he will get better!

Coral Albino Boa

This beautiful Coral Albino Boa was given to me by a friend of mine for looking after his animals while he was in the hospital for a while. It is going to be a gorgeous reptile when she is older!!

Egg Eating Snake

Egg Eating Snake

Salmon Boa

This is a Salmon Boa that was given to me with the coral albino for helping a friend out with his animals. Another amazing looking snake :)

Spotted Python

This is one of two Spotted Pythons that are able to go to presentations.

Spotted Python

This Spotted Python was actually surrendered after it was found in an old ladys bathroom in Victoria! She believes it came up through the toilet but it probably came up through a vent or through an open window after it's previous owner either lost it or let it go... It happens sometimes...


Bibrons Gecko

Bibrons Gecko

Crested Gecko


When I got this little boy and his girlfriend in, they were the skinniest little Crested Geckos I had ever seen! I wasn't sure if they were going to make it or not. THEY DID, and now they are very healthy and active little lizards like they should be!

Sponsored! This little gecko has been sponsored by Brenden Hooper of Mission BC. He has also named this gecko Grant.
Thanks Brenden!"

Gold Skink


This little Gold Skink was surrendered to me after his old owner could no longer take care of him. He is in great shape and eats like a monster!

Sponsored! A big thank you to Catherine, Phaelen and Aislynn for sponsoring and naming Cavon! Roughly translated means "Rainbow" in Vietnamese.

Green Iguana


is a Green Iguana that was surrendered to me due to his aggression. He would regularly attack his previous owner and actually sent him to the hospital in need of stitches! After a few weeks of me having him, he bacame a much friendlier iguana and now goes to all of my presentations!

Savanna Monitor

This Savanna Monitor was given to me by a friend of mine who has a pet store in Calgary. He was very aggressive when I got him but is starting to calm down nicely.

White Lined Gecko

This is one of two White Lined Geckos that I actually traded some crickets for at a big reptile expo! They are extremely fast but once I have them out they tend to calm down a quite a bit. They are one of the favorite and entertaining presentation lizards!


Snapping Turtle


This is my NEW Alligator Snapping Turtle named Muffin. I actually bought her in May 2012 because I love this species or turtle. I don't usually buy reptiles but there are certain reptiles that I really enjoy working with. She has been added to the education program and so far has been a hit! She looks really angry in the picture but is actually a sweet heart. I can't wait until she gets bigger!
Sponsored! A big thank you to James Garner of Pickering Ontario!

Box Turtle

Whopper Junior

This little girl Box Turtle actually hatched out of an egg that was laid by a rescued pair that I had in the old facility.

Gopher Tortoise


is a Gopher Tortoise that was found in someones yard in Abbotsford a few years ago. They took her in and kept her for 2 years feeding her only rommaine lettuce...Unfortunatley, she did not grow/develope properly and they ended up giving her to a pet store who immediatly called me. She has and always will have problems but is in great condition considering her upbringing...

Yellow Bellied Sliders

This turtle came in with a group of 5 that had outgrown their enclosure. The other sliders were re homed but I kept this one back to add to the education program. The Yellow Bellied Sliders are very similar to the red eared sliders but don't grow quite as large. I'm not sure if you noticed or not but he is actually sitting on top of our snapping turtle in the picture...And yes, he climbed up there on his own!

Red Eared Sliders

This is one of the dozens upon dozens of Red Eared Sliders that I have had surrendered in to my rescue. This particular one was actually caught by a fisherman in a local lake. He called me to help take the hook out but I actually had to take it to the vet to do so as it was lodged deep in it's throat! He has since recovered but will not be going back into the lake as they are an invasive species.

Russian Tortoise


is a Russian Tortoise. He was surrendered when his owner could no longer care for him. He is actually a pretty aggressive towards other tortoises and is now living with Slash, the iguana!

Snapping Turtle


This is a common Snapping Turtle. I have had her for a few years now and is one of the few animals I was able to keep after shutting down my big facility... I rescued her from a man who was keeping her in a tiny tub of water, not much bigger than her shell. The water was so dirty, I couldn't see her in it!!!

Sulcata Tortoise


Dozer is a 30 pound Sulcata Tortoise that I rescued after his previous owner drilled holes in his shell and actually installed a handle! As you can see, the handle has been removed but the holes are there for good!

Soft Shell Turtle

This weird looking reptiles is called a Soft Shelled Turtle. He was surrendered to us when his owners no longer had time for him. He is in great health but is proving to be a very picky eater... He went to his first show on April 1st and did amazing so he is now going to be a full time member of our education program.


Salmon Pink Bird Eating Spider


Gretchen is a Salmon Pink Bird Eating Spider. She is about 7-8 inches long now and probably one of the biggest spiders you and your family will see at a presentation! Luckily, she is also extremely friendly!

Mexican Red Knee Tarantula

Gorgeous little tarantula! This Mexican Red Knee Tarantula is a very gentle tarantula and is doing a great job of helping people get over their fears of spiders!

This little pink to is finally a good size to take out to presentations. She will be one of my "get rid of your arachnaphobia" animals.

Florida Bark Scorpion

This is a Florida Bark Scorpion that was actually turned in after being found in a grocery stores produce department!! And after a couple of months of being here, she had over 40 babies!!!

Emperor Scorpion

Emperor Scorpion

African Bull Frog


This is D-bo, a baby African Bull Frog. He is small for now but will soon grow up to be a massive, rat eating amphibian!!!

African Bull Frog

Tiny Tim

This is another African Bull Frog. He is one of the ones I was lucky enough to get back after I had to let him go when my big facility shut down. He is a great presentation animal and often gets called "Jabba the hut"...

Waxy Monkey Frog

This is a cute little Waxy Monkey Frog. They are one of the coolest frogs around and actually rub their home made sun screen all over their body! Look up these little guys on you tube to see what they do!

Barking Tree Frog

This is one of the cutest little Barking Tree Frog in the collection. Considering his name, he isn't very vocal but is still a very cool little frog and is great with kids.

White Lipped Tree Frog

This cute little frog, White Lipped Tree Frog, is actually the largest species of tree frog in the world! It is one of the favorites at our presentations because of his jumping skills! He has landed on many people

European Fire Salamander

This is a very nice little Whites Tree Frog. He was added to the education program in February and is doing great. The only problem with this little frog is that we need to somehow teach it not to jump on people faces during our presentations!